The organisation started in 1979 to facilitate discussions between producers of animal derived products. Main issue's are definitions, legislation, methods, etc. with respect to animal-rennet produced from calf/cow stomachs. Also some producers of lysozyme (from egg-white) became member of AMAFE. Every year a general assembly meeting is organised in order to discuss the subjects of mutual interest.

Objectives AMAFE

Main objectives of AMAFE:
1. To promote individual and joint contacts between its members

2. To promote contacts between its members and national and international authorities and organisations

3. To provide explanations do the public and consumers on health-political and health-legal aspects


Any manufacturer or national group of manufacturers of natural animal-derived enzymes for food use will be eligible for membership of the Association

Main products involved:
Rennet: calf, cow, lamb, sheep, goat, kid.
Lysozyme: chicken

How to become a member?

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Admission is given by decision of the general meeting, who can decide on a specific admission. A request for membership should be directed towards the secretariat of the association


The activities of the Association is managed by a Committee which shall comprise from three to five officers. The Committee consist of a President, a vice-President and a Treasurer. It will meet on a ad-hoc basis and are elected for a maximum period of six years.
It is responsible for matters to be discussed during the General meeting, and making all other decisions which arise out of the carrying out of the objectives of the association and which are not the responsibility of the General Meeting.

Committee of AMAFE:

President: Paul Visschedijk; CSK food enrichment, the Netherlands
Vice-president: Martino Verga; Caglificio Clerici, Italy
Treasurer: Gilles Lagarde; Neova Technologies, the Netherlands


AMAFE is member of Association of Food Enzymes Producers (AMFEP) located in Brussels (Belgium).This organisation is a discussion platform for the enzyme industry in Europe towards European and other international institutions. The main discussion issue is the enzyme legislation and other subjects like traceability, allergenicity, labelling, etc. AMFEP plays a major role in legislative procedures and has a very good relationship with the

AMAFE has close contacts to other associations like the European Food and Feed Cultures Association (EFFCA). It is also strongly involved in developments related to the applications of the animal food enzymes and participates in the International Dairy Federation (IDF) to develop standardized methods.

AMAFE plays an active role in discussions about developments and measures regarding animal diseases like the developments of Bovine Spongiforme Encephalopathie (BSE). Consumer organisations and industries applying by-products obtained from cheese industry are informed about the trends and the latest developments.

Within AMAFE a Working party is active to discuss mutual subjects like the official analytical methods to determine the enzyme activities (in close collaboration with IDF), legislative issue's, certificates, allergenicity, etc.

More information about AMAFE can be obtained from the Secretariat.